Amla Powder

Description:    Amla is rich in vitamin C compared to any other fruit. · It helps to solve the gray hair problem.Nellikai is also used traditionally to enhance digestion , treat constipation , reduce fever , purify the blood ,Read More »

Palak keerai Powder

Description:   Since spinach is rich in vitamins especially vitamin A and vitamin C, it helps improve the skin tone. It also helps in skin repair. Spinach can also be given to babies and since it low in calories andRead More »

Vallarai Keerai Powder

Description:   vallarai keerai is the first herb that comes in everyone’s mind. With its Nitric acid, it helps to increase the memory and concentration power. The anti-fungal properties of vallarai keerai offer the advantage of removing all irritants fromRead More »

Pulicha Keerai Powder

Description:   It is high in Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, and other nutrients that support healthy bodily activities. Furthermore, Pulicha Keerai has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities that help to protect the body from dangerous diseases   How to use:Read More »

Sigappu Thandu Keerai Powder

Description:   This species is valued as a leafy vegetable throughout South and Southeast Asia and also in Africa. … It may be eaten raw in thoran or cooked in curry..Thandu keerai has other common names like tassel flower, quilete,Read More »

Ponnanganni Keerai Powder

Description: The ponnanganni plant is bushy with small white flowers and has long, fibrous, stems that spread across the ground and take root at the nodes. Ponnanganni leaves are crisp and tender with a nutty, green flavor similar to spinach.Read More »

Thandu keerai Powder

Description:   Thandu Keerai is a nutritional edible leafy vegetable. It is very easy to cook and protein-rich along with being palatable.Amaranthus is a fast-growing plant that is widely distributed throughout the world and belongs to the family Amaranthaceae. AmongRead More »

Mola Keerai Powder

Description:   It is a delicious green that is widely eaten in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The dishes made of this green are both very nutritious and delicious. It refreshes and empowers the body.Low levels of healthy red blood cellsRead More »

Arai Keerai Powder

Description:       Arai keerai is related to its high calcium content. Since amaranth leaves are high in calcium, they can help people with osteoporosis and other bone problems caused by insufficient calcium. This amazing plant has leaves that are high inRead More »

Milagu Thakkali Keerai Powder

Description:       It  is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, calcium and antioxidants.Manathakkali keerai has wonderful antioxidant properties. Consuming antioxidant rich food is essential to improve immunity.It is a wonderful herb which is used for overcoming ulcer and is a richRead More »

Venthaya Keerai Powder

Description:       Vendhaya Keerai (Methi) is a healthy greens and we can make many different dishes using this keerai. Vendhaya Keerai is called “Methi” in Hindi and Fenugreek Leaves in English. Dry fenugreek Leaves are called “Kasoori Methi”.  Methi leaves hasRead More »

Siru Keerai Powder

Description:       Siru Keerai is a good source of nutrients, high in iron, vitamin A, calcium antioxidants and vegetable proteins. Take Keerai regularly at least twice a week    How to use:   It is generally mixed with gingelly  oil orRead More »
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