Who We Are ?

We are glad you are here. Let us do the hometown shopping for you! At homeAharaa we believe the sentiments associated with Home made food. For many of us food is the language of mother’s love and affection. When a mom or aunty cooks it for you, you will feel the special taste, may it be a spice powder or it be a sweet laddu. It's more than just nourishment. It's memories, it's connection, it's comfort.

We understand how genuine it is to have the blessing of someone shipping what you long for, and that is our mission here. We are here to bring a smile to your faces, to bring healthy sweets & snacks to your loved ones, to grind and give the spice with your mom’s ingredients with the same ratio, you can make a connection to a loved one even though you may not be with them, a moment of nostalgic comfort, a craving from a beloved food memory.

We have designed this website to help those who miss home love, native south indian sweets, for those who don't want to bother aging parents. With friends & relatives migrating to a place where they can settle, finally we tend to lose the native taste. We are attempting our best to bring in the taste you enjoyed to your kids! We started homeAharaa based on the requests from friends who tend to get our home made powders after tasting our home food. One thing they keep saying is, you are lucky to have parents sending these to you! Which made us think for those who are in need and offer help. We’ve built a platform that empowers shopping in and around Karur, TamilNadu. Our mission is to bring you comfort through food.